Susan Rich

Rookie (Boston, MA)

Biography of Susan Rich

Susan Rich is the author of Cures Include Travel, recently released by White Pine Press. Her book The Cartographer’s Tongue Poems of the World won the PEN USA Award for Poetry and the Peace Corps Writers Award for Best Poetry Book. She has been the recipient of an Artist Trust Award and a Fulbright Fellowship. Her poems have recently appeared or will be appearing in the Alaska Quarterly Review, Poetry East, North American Review, and Quarterly West. She is an editor of Floating Bridge Press, dedicated to publishing poets from throughout the state of Washington.

Susan Rich's Works:

Cures Include Travel, White Pine Press,2006
The Cartographer's Tongue Poems of the World, WPP,2000 Updates

Sexing The Terza-Rima

The End flashes on the screen all curlicues.
It's a film we've seen a dozen times before.
The lovers kiss, their bodies fall from view

All dilemmas solved, forgotten, or ignored,
It left me craving husbands with suede shoes
And I went with one who opened fine trap-doors

To rescue captains when their ships were wrecked

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