Susan T. Aparejo

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Susan T. Aparejo Poems

41. Power Behind Me 7/17/2009
42. Truth Behind The Uniform 7/17/2009
43. Miracle Of Time 7/17/2009
44. Innocent And Intellect 7/17/2009
45. Heart Of Kindness 7/11/2009
46. Simple Happiness 7/19/2009
47. Intelligence 7/19/2009
48. Innocent And Wise 7/25/2009
49. The Beauty Of Nature 7/28/2009
50. Feeling In Love 7/28/2009
51. Seashore And Shoreline 7/28/2009
52. City Of Manila 7/28/2009
53. The Miracle 7/28/2009
54. The Long Journey 7/31/2009
55. The Sparkle Of Love 7/31/2009
56. My Dream 7/31/2009
57. My Peaceful Day 7/31/2009
58. The Flower For Me 7/31/2009
59. Hopeless Nothing 12/1/2009
60. Stars 9/12/2010
61. Bleeding Heart 9/12/2010
62. A Kiss Of Darkness 10/4/2010
63. To My Gccnhs Friends 10/4/2010
64. Great Day 12/10/2010
65. Morality 12/10/2010
66. A Laurel For Ludita 12/10/2010
67. Life 1/2/2011
68. Simplicity 1/2/2011
69. To My Students 1/25/2010
70. Realization 1/2/2011
71. Invisible Magnitude Of Revenge 2/20/2011
72. My Impression “ It Could Be Done! ” 5/7/2011
73. New Year 12/30/2011
74. Dissertation 12/30/2011
75. Regret 1/18/2014
76. Tears And Treasure 10/3/2014
77. December 12/25/2015
78. Shame And Slavery 12/25/2015
79. The Leaders Before Me 5/16/2016
80. At Sunday's Beach 3/31/2017

Comments about Susan T. Aparejo

  • Jhon Gabreza Jhon Gabreza (4/14/2012 12:42:00 AM)

    Every single day is valuable to human, so we will not waste it.
    For it is God' s creation, it is sacred.

    Submitted by:
    Jhon Rey Mark G. Gabreza

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  • Jhon Gabreza Jhon Gabreza (4/14/2012 12:28:00 AM)

    Every single day is valuable to human, so we will not waste it.
    For it is God' s creation, it is sacred.

    Submitted by:
    Jhon Rey Mark G. Gabreza

  • Luzel Galupo (3/30/2012 11:39:00 PM)

    yes its true that even its only a gadget its useful

  • Roy Albinda (3/28/2012 4:08:00 AM)

    OHh yeah... Even it is just a gadget but it is very useful...
    But sometimes it has a disadvantages that can cause bad to our health... We need to limit our time in front of computer to avoid it's disadvantages..

  • Chi Cago (5/2/2010 8:29:00 AM)

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  • Angel Macalaba (1/22/2010 4:32:00 AM)

    love can really change everything..
    it chooses anyone..
    it gives us light, , life, , and hope..
    every thing can happen..

Best Poem of Susan T. Aparejo

Hero In The Classroom

A simple being, hero in the classrooms,
Pen and lesson plans are his tools
In imparting knowledge to his learners
a father/ mother of almost sixty.

Teaching children of not his blood,
Nurturing then of knowledge flood,
Burning midnight candles,
Doesn't matter all,
their achievements are his goal.

Addressing different learning styles,
With various teaching aids on files,
Preparing a friendly atmosphere,
Even none from his relatives care.

The forgotten hero in the classroom,
Toiling overtime forgetting time,
You wonder he is ...

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Victim Of Time

I refrain from loving ever since,
the reasons so clear - the pain,
the pain excruciatingly dominate,
even until the tiniest nerve,
it aches so well throughout.

Love so delicious to feel the heaven of paradise,
one clings to its wings to try again and again,
eyes glow, illuminate and dominate in focus,

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