Susan T. Aparejo

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Susan T. Aparejo Quotes

  • ''Helping people truly is a virtue of geniune service.''
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  • ''Christmas is the song of children's joy and the beginning of children's wish''
    Susan Aparejo's personal quote
  • ''Nature's beauty is the priceless view that everyone never notice until he/she forgets about money.''
    Susan T. Aparejo's personal quotation
  • ''Prayer and determination equal success.''
    Susan T. Aparejo personal quote
  • ''Gossip is the art of killing invisibly a person of your aversion.''
    Susan T. Aparejo's personal quote
  • ''Gossip is the final sword of someone's insecurity.''
    Susan T. Aparejo's personal quote.
  • ''Living simply and peacefully is a little heaven of Earth.''
    Susan T. Aparejo's personal quote.
  • ''Insecurity is the brother of jealousy.''
    Susan T. Aparejo's personal quote.
  • ''When a person dies, all his/her good deeds will be remembered; an irony when he/she is still alive.''
    Susan T. Aparejo's personal quote
  • ''' Failures are ladders of success'.''
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Best Poem of Susan T. Aparejo

Hero In The Classroom

A simple being, hero in the classrooms,
Pen and lesson plans are his tools
In imparting knowledge to his learners
a father/ mother of almost sixty.

Teaching children of not his blood,
Nurturing then of knowledge flood,
Burning midnight candles,
Doesn't matter all,
their achievements are his goal.

Addressing different learning styles,
With various teaching aids on files,
Preparing a friendly atmosphere,
Even none from his relatives care.

The forgotten hero in the classroom,
Toiling overtime forgetting time,
You wonder he is ...

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Victim Of Time

I refrain from loving ever since,
the reasons so clear - the pain,
the pain excruciatingly dominate,
even until the tiniest nerve,
it aches so well throughout.

Love so delicious to feel the heaven of paradise,
one clings to its wings to try again and again,
eyes glow, illuminate and dominate in focus,

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