Susan T. Aparejo

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Susan T. Aparejo Quotes

  • ''' Failures are the stairways to triumph and victory'''
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  • ''Jealousy takes many forms and features. The most visible is, the flattery in ironic way.''
    Susan Tan Aparejo's personal quote
  • ''There are two reasons for silence; the first is to prevail peace and the other is to achieve peace.''
    Susan T. Aparejo's personal quote
  • ''Silence is the panacea to trouble.''
    Susan T. Aparejo's quote
  • ''Courage is the fire in your journey to reach your life's goal.''
    Susan T. Aparejo's personal quote
  • ''Beauty is the special vision invisible to someone who detests its existence.''
    Susan T. Aparejo's personal quote
  • ''Not all who said they are our families are ours. Sometimes there are those around us who who are not related to us but they act and care more than our blood.''
    Susan T. Aparejo's personal quote.
  • ''Dream is a death of the night.''
    By: Susan T. Aparejo of Gingoog City Comprhensive National High School, Gingoog City
  • ''The coward has the bravest soul to fight his own nerve to get calm during the critical moment of adversary.''
    By: Susan T. Aparejo of Gingoog City Comprhensive National High School, Gingoog City
  • ''Our greatest mistake is when we believe the flattery of the other people at the time of our acceleration.''
    Written by: SUSAN T. APAREJO of GCCNHS, Gingoog City

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Best Poem of Susan T. Aparejo

Hero In The Classroom

A simple being, hero in the classrooms,
Pen and lesson plans are his tools
In imparting knowledge to his learners
a father/ mother of almost sixty.

Teaching children of not his blood,
Nurturing then of knowledge flood,
Burning midnight candles,
Doesn't matter all,
their achievements are his goal.

Addressing different learning styles,
With various teaching aids on files,
Preparing a friendly atmosphere,
Even none from his relatives care.

The forgotten hero in the classroom,
Toiling overtime forgetting time,
You wonder he is ...

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Journey To What Is Due

Many years covered the thought that book my dream,
the sweat of struggles left no easy kindled token,
from Monday to Friday to some, for me never,
never I stop toiling the soil for the service of the will,
shout round me, from land and see, but yet I know
there's gold even in the barren of snow.

Yes, I stumble, but move, stand, walk, heads up!
my dream has almost shattered, frozen and glued,

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