Susan Wray

Rookie (April / Pa)

Biography of Susan Wray

My name is Susan. I am recently divorced. I was married for twelve years. I left my husband for many reasons. Most of them were about me.. things I needed to do and experience for myself. I was married at age 19. My husband was 34 at the time. He is a good man but our differences led us apart and my loss of knowing who I am led us apart. It led me away from myself. To even begin to find myself... I had to break free. Updates

Finally Free

The dawn of morn is nowhere near
In slow motion, her head hits the pillows of a bed
The shapes of the windows are no longer what they had appeared
The room is cold and she is dead

Her death is yet the fortune to a greater place
With forceful winds that pull her out of her shell
But what her spirit sees appears to overtake
She can no longer feel, she can no longer speak, she’s under a spell

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