Susan Wray

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Biography of Susan Wray

My name is Susan. I am recently divorced. I was married for twelve years. I left my husband for many reasons. Most of them were about me.. things I needed to do and experience for myself. I was married at age 19. My husband was 34 at the time. He is a good man but our differences led us apart and my loss of knowing who I am led us apart. It led me away from myself. To even begin to find myself... I had to break free. Updates

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A person’s life is so hard to understand
Who we are and what society demands
Those who hide beneath their shell
Are the ones who tap dance and never tell

Who am I
I’m just a girl
A woman in need
A lost soul to the world

Who am I
I am rich as hell
I wear nice things
A Gucci bag and hi heels

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