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Susana Nickerson Poems

1. Love 9/9/2009
2. Searching For Alongtime 9/9/2009
3. God 9/13/2009
4. Joke 9/13/2009
5. Life 9/13/2009
6. Men 9/13/2009
7. Fire 9/13/2009
8. Freedom 9/13/2009
9. Wonder 9/13/2009
10. Grandma 9/13/2009
11. Trip 9/13/2009
12. A Love Story 9/13/2009
13. Awomen Waiting For Her Love 9/13/2009
14. Child 9/13/2009
15. Me 9/13/2009
16. Song 9/14/2009
17. Who Are You 9/15/2009
18. Search 9/21/2009
19. Cat 9/21/2009
20. Cat 2 9/21/2009
21. Enjoy 11/8/2009
22. Death 11/7/2009

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when called
never answers
when hurt
asked for help
never comes
when wanted
never comes
when pained
makes sorrows
when love comes
it answers
when love is gone
it laughs like wind
when in anger
for a miracle
it answers
when replayed
frogets we are there
we wait for it to take us
but shows life is a pain
when you ned death to retub
it takes us by suprise
it burns our love
in fornt like we are
agel of dark
we want it to take us
but it pain us more
day by day
we gain hope
which was when ...

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Searching For Alongtime

Such as I was
Looking for my love
I found you my darling
In the daylinght
Like angel you were
With a heart
Full of love
Sharing joy with me where you
I was so happy and lost
But your saved me from a search in which I could have been to lost to everyone

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