Susanna Blamire Poems

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Old Harry’s Return

The wars are all o'er and my Harry's at hame,
What else can I want now I've got him again!
Yet I kenna how 'tis, for I laugh and I cry,

The Lily Of The Valley,

Sophrosyne, companion dear,
Who hangs a pearl in Pity's ear,
And wanders through the dewy lawn
To catch the rose--bud newly blown,


Sweet expectation! sister fair
Of soft solicitude and prayer,
Allied to hope, allied to fear,
Those joint companions of the year,

O Jenny Dear, I’ve Courted Lang

O Jenny dear, I've courted lang,
I've telt my tale and sung my sang,
And yet I fear I'm i' the wrang,
For ye'll na mak a wedding o't.

Written In A Churchyard, On Seeing Cattle Grazing In It

Be still my heart, and let this moving sight
Whisper a moral to each future lay;
Let this convince how like the lightning's flight

On Collins’s Ode On The Passions, As Recited By Mrs. Esten

Beneath a sad and silent shade
Afflicted Poetry was laid;
The shepherd train, the virgin choir,
No longer listen'd to her lyre;

Address To Miss J.

Once Clotho on an April day
Was seen to throw her rock away;
The fatal rock was nearly spun,
And the sad task was nearly done,

Written On A Gloomy Day, In Sickness

The gloomy lowering of the sky,
The milky softness of the air,
The hum of many a busy fly,
Are things the cheerful well can spare;

When Night’s Dark Mantle

When night's dark mantle veil'd the seas,
And nature's self was hush'd to sleep,--
When gently blew the midnight breeze,

O Jenny Dear, The Word Is Gane

O Jenny dear, the word is gane,
That ye are unco saucy,
And that ye think this race o' men
Deserves na sic a lassie.

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