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Susie Hope Poems

1. We Can Never Let Go 3/14/2009
2. My Dearest Mother 5/23/2009
3. My Dearest Mother Forever More 5/23/2009
4. My Mother The Angel Forever 5/23/2009
5. My Mother 5/23/2009
6. A Flower Never Dies 5/25/2009
7. My Drerest Mother 5/25/2009
8. Heaven 5/25/2009
9. I Was Planning To Call You 5/25/2009
10. Death Is Life 5/25/2009
11. No Say Goodbye 5/25/2009
12. When Families Sometimes Gets In The Way 5/25/2009
13. When It's Time To Cry 6/1/2009
14. When It Rains 6/1/2009
15. I Don'T Think About Her Face 6/1/2009
16. Angels On Earth Won'T Let Us Down 6/2/2009
17. The Angels Keep Us Company 6/2/2009
18. Angels Fly 6/2/2009
19. If You Have Wisdom 6/2/2009
20. Angels Knew The Way 6/2/2009
21. This Is How Much You Meant To Me 6/18/2009
22. Today Has Come And Now It's Gone 6/25/2009
23. It's So Hard To Be Normel 6/25/2009
24. Until The Summer Is Over 6/25/2009
25. Part 16 The Love Between A Mother And Her Child 6/25/2009
26. Part 15 You Always Loved Me Openly And Warmly 6/25/2009
27. A Man With A Gun In His Suitcase Forgetting It Was There 9/11/2009
28. When I Was Twenty Four Years Old Part 2 1/21/2010
29. God Loves Us 3/8/2010
30. No Decision Is Too Difficult To Make Realize I Have The Wiadom Of God With Me 9/27/2010
31. Thank You God For Always Being With Me 9/27/2010
32. We All Have Our Own Questions 9/29/2010
33. Our Happiness Is Not A Preseent From God 9/29/2010
34. I Have The Time To Spare And The Time To Share 9/29/2010
35. God Is Gentle With Me I Am Gentle With Myself 9/29/2010
36. God The Path Of Life Sometimes Could Be Difficult 9/30/2010
37. God You Gave Me So Many Gifts 9/30/2010
38. God Forgive Me I Fee Sad 9/30/2010
39. Remind Me God 9/30/2010
40. Angel Singing 6/2/2009

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Angels And Peace

Great is the peace you derserve to give. Your peace flows like the river of life Providing the water of life. written and Posted 6/2/09

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My Drerest Mother

My dearest Mother you meant to me so much to me. Everyday I thank God for you. I ask him to protect you. All my life you have been there not missing a single moment. Because you deeply cared. You will always encourage me to foolow my dreams. I couldnt make it happen. You are the best mother ever. i know sometimes I didn't express how I miss you

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