Suzaku Vaneko

Rookie (May 15,1995)

Biography of Suzaku Vaneko

Raised in Oklahoma my whole life and dreaming of becoming an author. Has never left Oklahoma.Loves cats and dreams of going to Japan one day.Plus I am working on my own book called The Vampiric Tale of Kana Vashino, I finished it! I'm a goth vampire! Updates

Snap Goes Her Sanity

Her eyes look at him, lifeless. He cares not. He abandons her in search of another.Heartless is he. Realize he does not, she can see him. She knows she's been abandoned...her anger begins to engulf her as she thinks dark thoughts. 'How should he die? , ' she asks herself.
An idea occurs to her, 'A bullet in the head and he will be dead'
Now the thought won't leave her as she realizes he has packed all his things, he has moved be with another.How dare he! Now is the she sha

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