Suzanna C Chevalier

Rookie [Suzae] (4-18-1966 / Elizabeth, New Jersey)

Suzanna C Chevalier Poems

1. Melodie And Razel 4/8/2013
2. The Magic Of Krendoll Island 4/8/2013
3. Cry For The Children 4/8/2013
4. A Oneness Blesser Goes To Jail 4/10/2013
5. Angels On My Left & On My Right 4/10/2013
6. Are Zoo’s Treating Their Inmates Better? 4/10/2013
7. Bless The Bond Companies 4/10/2013
8. Bless The Inmates 4/10/2013
9. Can There Be A Better Way? 4/10/2013
10. Change Our Perception 4/10/2013
11. Committing Suicide On The Inside 4/10/2013
12. For Inmates Willing To Change 4/10/2013
13. Go Within When You Can’t Get Out 4/10/2013
14. Heal Inmates Inner Childs 4/10/2013
15. How Does It Feel? 4/10/2013
16. How Long Can We Treat Inmates This Way? 4/10/2013
17. How You Deal 4/10/2013
18. I Took The Fall 4/10/2013
19. Inspiration To Create A New 4/10/2013
20. If I Had Committed Suicid In Jail 4/10/2013
21. If This Is Their First Time In 4/10/2013
22. Johny Cash For Prison Reform 4/10/2013
23. Leann Called Me Suzy Q 4/10/2013
24. Mrs. Tucker Is A Caring Mother 4/10/2013
25. My Last Words To Kayla 4/10/2013
26. Planetary Dream Or Dread? 4/10/2013
27. Pray For The Inmates 4/10/2013
28. Pray For Inmates In Chains 4/10/2013
29. Sheriffs As Sponsors? 4/10/2013
30. Shine Bright Like A Diamond 4/10/2013
31. Smile To Remember 4/10/2013
32. Spirits Broken 4/10/2013
33. Thank May West 4/10/2013
34. Treat Inmates Better 4/10/2013
35. User Uses More From Being In Jail 4/10/2013
36. We Are One Big Family 4/10/2013
37. “we Don’t Smile In Here” 4/10/2013
38. Where We Fail In The System 4/10/2013
39. When Is It Going To End? 4/10/2013
40. Who Is To Change The System? 4/10/2013

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Best Poem of Suzanna C Chevalier


I may fall
but I will always get back up
Nothing in this world can stop me
from getting back on top.
For we are all are at the top of our own game
No two people are alike or even the same.
We all original and create likewise
No duplications in God’s world
nothings under disguise.
Everything is unique and totally great
We create Who We Are single day.

Written by Suzanna C Chevalier on October 5,2011

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Bless The Bond Companies

I thank the bonds people for letting me pay the next day
I bless them as well they deserve a lot of praise.
It is not easy being in the inside—
Feeling a lot of despair
we need a lot of more people on the outside that care.
Sheriff does not let you have your phone
forces you in handcuffs out of your home.
Doesn't care if you are innocent or not
that is the system that we got.

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