Suzanna Chevalier

Rookie [Christina] (4-18-1966 / Elizabeth, New Jersey)

Suzanna Chevalier Poems

201. If I Had Committed Suicide In Jail 5/27/2013
202. Shine Bright Like A Diamond 5/27/2013
203. Treat Inmates Better 5/27/2013
204. User Uses More From Being In Jail 5/27/2013
205. How Long Can We Treat Inmates This Way? 5/27/2013
206. Where We Can Change The System 5/27/2013
207. Mailbox Opens All By Itself 5/23/2013
208. Starving To Pay The Ticket 5/23/2013
209. Prince Passes By 5/23/2013
210. Oprah Does Not Reject Jesus 5/23/2013
211. Michael Jackson Is Great 5/23/2013
212. Sam For Short 5/23/2013
213. Expert Dentist Dr Joseph 5/23/2013
214. Badfinger 5/23/2013
215. Actor Anatasia Drake 5/23/2013
216. Vengeful Psychic 5/23/2013
217. You Will Never Say You’re Sorry 5/23/2013
218. Your Big Toe 5/23/2013
219. Financial Guru Suzae Orman 5/23/2013
220. A Voicemail To Remember 5/23/2013
221. Elizabeth Taylor Remembered 5/23/2013
222. Huged Grandma Paltrow 5/23/2013
223. Stranger In This Town 5/23/2013
224. Corkscrew Color Revealed 5/20/2013
225. Kindred Souls 5/17/2013
226. I’m Your Fantasy 5/17/2013
227. Merman By The Sea 5/17/2013
228. Don Juan, Where Have You Gone? 5/17/2013
229. Big Toe Meets Big Tomatoe 9/11/2013
230. Green Eyed Lady 4/15/2013
231. Guilt Is Not A Natural Condition 4/15/2013
232. Getting Over Stage Fright 4/15/2013
233. Ghosts By Moon Lake 4/15/2013
234. Gossip Ruins Relationships 4/15/2013
235. Going Places 4/15/2013
236. See The Signs 4/10/2013
237. Send Love Instead 4/10/2013
238. Gentleman 4/15/2013
239. Mother Earth Heals You 4/16/2013
240. Mother Earth Rejoices 4/16/2013

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Grandma Kay’s 95th Birthday

Grandma Kay just turned ninety five,
on her birthday in 2009.
In her nursing home her family was there,
Watching her blew out birthday candle without a care.
She was the star of her birthday show,
She blew out a candle that sparkled and glowed.
Friends and family sang along,
to her personalized birthday song.
Her son Russ played the guitar,
this was her best birthday by far.
She unwrapped presents from family and friends,
she was very happy like a child again.
Photo memories are snapped in time,
To remember Kay’s 95th Birthday that ...

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When Is It Going To End?

When is crime going to end?
I ask this to you my dear friend.
It seems new laws are written everyday—
some people get lucky, some get away.
Like most parents who abused their kids
now kids take on their behavior puts them in the skids.
Luckily most children of next generation are changing parental ways-
Making it better for their offspring in this present day.
Should we go back in time

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