Suzanne Gaut

Rookie (April 14,1997 / Pueblo, Colorado)

Biography of Suzanne Gaut

My name is Suzanne, I suffer from depression, and ADD.
Writing is who I am. If i couldn't write poems, I would have no other way to show who I am. I'm 15 and believe that there is someone out there, somewhere. I think that it would also be amazing to see in a birds view. To be able to soar through the sky without a worry. To see nature in a different way... There's a whole other world out there, and we don't know about it because we're so self centered. While the birds and creatures have their way to see clearly... Updates

Alone In The Dark

I feel very alone.
The dark follows me everywhere.
I look to see what's really there but all I see is nothing....
I sit and wonder if there's anyone who could help, but I can't see anyone, the world is
just a big empty space.
But then I see, I look and I see a light. I get all excited because there's finally someone there.
Someone I can open up to,
Someone who can help me.
I try to run and catch them. I keep running, but they keep running.

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