Suzaria Star

Rookie - 10 Points (10-12-2066 / Suzarian Solar System)

Biography of Suzaria Star

I am the daughter of Queen Emma Jean of the Suzarian Solar System. My mother died when I was at the tender age of 2. I am sorry I never really knew her, but from my Aunt Suzy she tells me of great adventures she did. I am a storyteller and poet myself and the creator of the 'Suzarian Star' adventures. Please find my children's picture books which are currently under alias Sue Chevalier on and When I publish with a big publishing house the name will be under my name Suzaria Star. I will be doing book readings then at Barnes & Nobles around the country under the name Suzaria Star...Suzaria for short which also is my storytelling name.

Thank you come again-as more adventures to be unfold. Visit as well as, and to read about the characters I created.

Suzaria Star's Works:

Sarah's Special Birthday
Melodie's Butterfly Birthday
Melodie's Mermaid Birthday Updates

Melodie Likes Majesty

Melodie likes Majesty,
she compliments her to a T.
She has the memory of going to
one of Zercon's cities.
Majesty goes on the Krendoll stage
to do comedy and entertain.
Melodie laughs with Sarah Star
they will be up next with their acts
to dropp jars.

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