Suzy Kassem

Suzy Kassem Quotes

  • ''Love the person who loves you unconditionally, and abandon the one who only loves you under favorable conditions.''
    Suzy Kassem
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  • ''Great people will always be mocked by those who feel smaller than them. However, a lion does not flinch at laughter coming from a hyena. A gorilla does not budge from a banana thrown at it by a monkey. A nightingale does not stop singing its beautiful song at the intrusion of an annoying woodpecker. Whenever you should question your self-worth, remember the lotus flower. Even though it plunges to life from beneath the mud, it does not allow the dirt that surrounds it to affect its growth or beauty.''
    Suzy Kassem
  • ''Do not allow any negativity or ugliness in your surroundings, or anybody at all, destroy your confidence or affect your growth as a blooming flower. It is very normal for one ugly weed to not want to stand alone.''
    Suzy Kassem
  • ''Truth is as straight as an arrow, while a lie swivels all over the place. You can hide Truth under a doormat, but eventually the mat will rise very high with Time - forcing it to reveal all the truths it concealed.''
    Suzy Kassem
  • ''Time has always been the greatest ally to Truth, because Time eventually relieves and reveals all.''
    Suzy Kassem
  • ''Humanity is lost because people have abandoned using their conscience as their compass.''
    Suzy Kassem
  • ''To know God, know your heart, for there sits your conscience. After you know your heart, you will learn to see God in all things. Truth can only be seen by those with Truth in them''
    Suzy Kassem
  • ''Many people will never learn the lessons meant for them in this lifetime, nor become the person they were meant to be, simply because they are too busy being someone else.''
    Suzy Kassem
  • ''Had mankind listened to the Creator when he advised his children to never create his image, or give him a name, then humanity would not be so confused and divided in believing that every faith is worshiping a different god.''
    Suzy Kassem
  • ''Speak up, stand up, and keep correcting the false perceptions. Stay true to your heart's views and keep chanting for peace and justice.''
    Suzy Kassem

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Best Poem of Suzy Kassem

The World Citizen

Do not focus too much on the east,
And forget the west.
And do not ignore the south,
To speak for the north.
What happens in the east
Has effects in the north,
As the west has on the south.
And do not focus on one species,
And ignore another.
Or love your father,
But ignore your mother.
Or love your sister,
But ignore your brother.
Do not forget each other.
We are all part of each other.
We are all one.

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Close your eyelids
And just breathe.
Let the light
Flood out
From your third eye
To your spleen.
Tap into the tones of the universe
And become ONE with the unseen.
Let your mind travel between

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