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  • ''The Creator favors the man who LOVES over the man who HATES. If you teach hatred to your children, one day your child will have that hatred reflected back onto them...and onto YOU.''
    Suzy Kassem
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  • ''The light of love sees no walls.''
    Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun 2010
  • ''Never trust the translation or interpretation of something without first trusting its interpreter. One word absent from a sentence can drastically change the true intended meaning of the entire sentence. For instance, if love is intentionally or accidentally replaced with hate in a sentence, its effect could trigger a war or false dogma.''
    Suzy Kassem, On Language
  • ''Some people have the coldest smiles, but have the tenderest hearts. And many have the most tender smiles, but carry the coldest hearts. You cannot judge a man by his smile, but you can judge a man by his heart. The smallest actions reveal the most about a heart's true color, so pay attention to them. Actions are the true words of the heart.''
    Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute Sun
  • ''When a child keeps asking you to tell him/her a story, what they instinctively really want to know - is their true purpose and mission in life. Sadly, this knowledge was never sought out by their parents, and explains why children's books are a very hot and lucrative industry. Instead of telling your child the truth of our history and existence, you are conditioned by society to simply read your kid a fairytale.''
    Suzy Kassem
  • ''A good man will never harm or oppress another. A good man will share his last morsel of food with others in need, and die of hunger when he no longer has any food - instead of cheat or steal from others to survive. Selflessness. Humility. Truthfulness. These are the three marks of an honorable man.''
    Suzy Kassem
  • ''The best minds come from the most unexpected faces and places. There is no image for intelligence or genius. Genius is something that cannot be seen. It cannot be produced or manufactured. It is something that even the true genius thinks is unattainable. The genius recognizes he's just a small pea in a sea of infinite atoms. Knowledge is as infinite as the universe. The man who claims to know all, only reveals to all that he really knows nothing.''
    Suzy Kassem
  • ''We cannot control the way people interpret our ideas or thoughts, but we can control the words and tones we choose to convey them. Peace is built on understanding, and wars are built on misunderstandings. Never underestimate the power of a single word, and never recklessly throw around words. One wrong word, or misinterpreted word, can change the meaning of an entire sentence - and even start a war. And one right word, or one kind word, can grant you the heavens and open doors.''
    Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun
  • ''Nothing exists without a purpose. Every experience you have in this lifetime was written for you to grow into the light you were meant to become.''
    Suzy Kassem
  • ''A heart without dreams is like a bird without feathers.''
    Suzy Kassem

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Circles Of Life


Of life,
Born from
Of light,
The lens
Of time,
And into
A sea
Of stars

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Close your eyelids
And just breathe.
Let the light
Flood out
From your third eye
To your spleen.
Tap into the tones of the universe
And become ONE with the unseen.
Let your mind travel between

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