Swapnil Baral

Rookie (04/14/1987 / Kathmandu, Nepal)

Biography of Swapnil Baral

Swapnil Baral poet

Swapnil Baral, a son of Krishnahari Baral and Sushma Baral, was born at Patan Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal on April 14th,1987. He started writing poems and lyrics from his early childhood because of the poetic and musical environment of his home. His father teaches literature and linguistic at Tribhuvan University while his mother is an advocate and lawyer. His father, one of the renown lyricists, authors, and critics, of Nepal, and his mother, an advocate, and a story writer have a lot of inspirational contribution over him. Because his parents being so close to literature and music, he found himself as born, raised and cared in the musical and poetic atmosphere.

Working for his physics degree in Dallas, Texas right now, Swapnil recited poems in Radio Nepal, a national AM station in Nepal, when he was just seven years old. He continued to participate in different activities at school, neighborhood, and society. But participating in different activities was not, and still not, his reason for writing. Instead, he writes when being overwhelmed by the tides of sentiments and feelings that originate in tranquility deep inside the heart and mind. He writes to settle the emotional tides for the rest of his unconscious. Mother Nature has become such a stimulant for him that he says he rewrites what nature has already written. Consider his verse,

'Nature writes poem, I just copy them
Honestly I say, I copy exactly the same'

Social dissatisfaction, issues of the mankind, enigma of the cosmos, love and relationship, anti war issues, are some of many pears that can be extracted from the sea of his poetry.

Along with the poetry, he has already begun in lyrics writing. His songs, sung by different artists are on their way of recording while half a dozen already being recorded and broadcasted. His own music album, as he hopes, is to be launched shortly.

Writing on mood, and hardly revising things once written are pros and cons of his young poetic career.

Swapnil Baral's Works:

'Hidden Facts'

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