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  • '''Sometimes you judge people. Not because you don't trust them, but to see how much they love you inside. Sometimes You should let them free Not because you can't handle them, but to see whether they are loyal for you or not.'''
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  • '''In this world Love is the cheapest thing which you can give to another. Love don't measure the distance, love doesn't based on money, It don't see age, color, person. It's a unconditional action, which we also can't control! '''
  • '''I born original & unique, i have the power to make my unique identity. I hate those who loves to identify themselves with others identity. why people love to live with others credit where as they have the power to make their own identity. Make your own & live proudly! '''
  • '''Too many people in this world overvalue what they don't need, they ignore those what actually they need! '''
  • '''Choosing to be simple is the most terrible choice even the worthy choice which helps to win those hearts who see the beauty within your heart not in your face! '''
  • '''The only different between Failure & success is, Failure is the lifetime lesson & Success is the lifetime achievement. Lifetime lesson helps you to get a lifetime achievement! '''
  • '''Tragedy in life is not getting what you want, it's 'you never try second time after your first defeat''''
  • '''You should not expect to get a historical success if you are not willing to sacrifice your pleasure today! '''
  • '''Motivation plays a great role in our life, sometimes it show our inner hidden strength & talent! '''
  • '''Stop living a fake life or follow the fake world, live your life with your own personality'''

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A Beautiful Poem On Children's' Day

A child is blessed every day
A child is innocent
A child is beautiful gift of god
So never ever hate them for who they are or how they are

They wanna to fulfill their dreams and & overcome hopes and fears.
So never ever Hit them or shove them around
Never ever kick them blossoming dreams to ground.

They waana to remind the adults to dry their tears,
From hearts and minds, Spirits and souls,
They love each other with no strings,

So never ever trick them into living with so many pains.
never treat them like dirt and without respect,

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My Papa

Oh papa, my sweet papa
You are really awesome
When I confuse, you are always there as a teacher
When I need you, you are always there for me
When something goes wrong, you are always there for support me
When I feel weak, you make me strong
When I feel unsecure, you give me security
When whole world is against me, you are always there for support me
When no one with me to weep my tear, you are always there to make me smile

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