Sydne Morris

Rookie (May 23 1991)

Biography of Sydne Morris

Hello my name is Sydne though I go by Syd Syd. I have been on this site for many years. It has been years since I have written anything. So far all my work on this site is during my high school years. I have grown as a writer since then so hopefully, later on I can add some more elegant work.

Poetry used to be an amazing outlet for me and I hope to go back to it soon.

Sydne Morris's Works:

I am not writing a book as of right now! Updates

The American Dream: War

War smells like…..
Wet paint on a new car
Rotting flesh on mended bones
Dripping cold blood
Whiskey around the camp fire
Repulsive body odor
Wet musty sweat
Hot ham & turkey at home
Compost at Black Hills

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