Sydney Points

Rookie - 0 Points [IceHockey<3] (1999- / Ohio, USA)

Biography of Sydney Points

I'm a eighth grade girl who loves the way poems flow off the page. Just by reading a poem in a different tone of voice you can change the whole meaning and i love it. I am 14 years old and i want to share my passion with the world. Leave comments plz. And share my poems with everyone you know.: D

Sydney Points's Works:

working on one now Updates

Pain And Spirits

The world is a realm of shadows. You never know what's creeping at its edges. Until that's all you see. With the light gone from the world as you heave your last dying breath. You watch as if you are being reborn into a place were you have lived through the worst and brought back into the light. Till the sun sets on your time will you lay gasping f

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