Sylvia Allison

Rookie (June 5,1947 / Alamance Co. NC)

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About the author:
Born and raised in Burlington, N.C. I am the mother of three sons and their families, my first is Jarrett, Melissa his wife, three children Amber, Hunt, and Noah, my second son is Ricky, Sherri his wife, two children, Ian and Haley, my third is Jamie (Thumper) , his wife Julia, one child, Kiara. I have a granddaughter who was born premature in 1999, Macey Hope, Jamie’s daughter. As of this date 2/8/08, I am the proud greatgrandmother of a beautiful baby girl, Kenzie Renee. Also as I write this my son Ricky and his wife Sherri are doing an ultrasound to determine whether are upcoming addition in July is a girl or boy, don't care as long as he or she is healthy. My my, I am so very blessed.

Sylvia Allison's Works:

Trading Places, Raising Mom by Burlington, North Carolina’s Sylvia ‘Tip’ Allison. This emotional book of poetry is a close look at the author’s experiences of taking care of her mother who suffered from Alzheimer’s. Readers will feel the emotions Allison experienced while realizing that as a child her mother raised her, and now it was her turn to raise her mother.
Sylvia 'Tip' Allison has been published in the Burlington Daily Times News. She has also had some poems published in magazines and anthologies; written several stories for a local book Hometown Memories, about her memories of her childhood in Burlington, North Carolina, and has received several awards for her poetry for 'Outstanding Writer' in 1998 and 1999. For more information, please visit Allison's website at website http: // Updates

Baby Time …

Woke up early in the a.m.
Rubbing my sleepy eyes
Felt so wet and warm
To me that’s no surprise
Baby is due anytime
Water breaking was my token
Waking Daddy with a push
“Hurry now, I have spoken! ”
Pacing around to find the light

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