Sylvia Chidi

Freshman - 543 Points (Germany)

Sylvia Chidi Poems

401. Weep Not, Brokenhearted 2/16/2006
402. What Is Loss? 8/23/2006
403. What Is Music To You? 1/22/2006
404. What Is My Destiny? 1/14/2006
405. What Is Poetry? 1/17/2006
406. What Is Trust? 7/31/2006
407. What’s On Your Mind? 11/1/2005
408. When A Woman Changes! 1/1/2006
409. When I Booze 11/28/2012
410. When I Dream! 1/9/2006
411. When Is Blood Thicker Or Weaker? 4/20/2006
412. When The Dog Barks 10/5/2006
413. When The Wind Blows 3/22/2006
414. Where Was Father? 2/20/2007
415. Where Was Your Love? 7/30/2007
416. Why Commit Suicide? 3/3/2006
417. Will You Be My Friend? 4/5/2006
418. Without Love 3/8/2007
419. Without Women 4/11/2006
420. Women 4/6/2006
421. Work! Work! And Reap! 6/8/2006
422. World Cup 2006 7/17/2006
423. Worship Your Feet 7/16/2012
424. Yes I Am Fat 8/7/2012
425. Yesterdays Love 2/3/2006
426. You Are My ‘perfect Mismatch' 10/26/2008
427. You Lost Me! 11/6/2005
428. You Wander As A Lonely 3/31/2006
429. You Were Once A Good Dream 8/25/2006
430. Your Memory Stays On 11/27/2005
431. Your Trust 10/23/2005
Best Poem of Sylvia Chidi

A Poem With The Perfect Rhyme

If a poem could cost a dime
I will spend my ink and spend my time
Making the perfect rhyme

More than a million people may read it
Even if I have to sell it on credit
I will be the businesswoman with wit
Sit down! Think about it!

A penny for the perfect sentence
A penny for a poem glaring with essence
A penny for writing about the present and past tense
A penny for describing a situation that is intense
A penny if I write truthfully without pretence
As I turn away from crime
Making the perfect rhyme

If a poem could cost a pound
I will ...

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Love isn’t any motivation
Wealth isn’t any motivation
Health isn’t any motivation
Create not more confusion

Inspiration and motivation is a pair
Imagination follows and is near
Near enough to make you desire
Near enough to make you crave instead of tire

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