Sylvia Fourness

Sylvia Fourness Poems

1. Lost Love 12/23/2006
2. First Love 12/23/2006
3. This Is All Your Fault 1/1/2007
4. The Rose 1/1/2007
5. The Key 1/1/2007
6. Tears 1/1/2007
7. Secret Love 1/1/2007
8. Missing You 1/2/2007
9. One Tear 1/2/2007
10. Him 1/2/2007
11. Good-Bye 1/2/2007
12. Just A Little Gurl 1/2/2007
13. One Word 1/3/2007
14. Bliss 1/3/2007
15. Never 1/3/2007
16. Broken Dreams 1/3/2007
17. Bleeding Love 1/3/2007
18. Believ In Yourself 1/3/2007
19. A Mother 1/4/2007
20. Love Is Just A Game 1/4/2007
21. Your Choice 12/23/2006
22. Trusted You And Not Myself, So This Is What I Got.... 12/23/2006
23. You Made Me Cry 12/23/2006
24. Missin You 12/23/2006
25. I Don'T Know 12/23/2006
26. Scared 12/23/2006
27. Our Friendship Will Break Apart 12/23/2006
28. Just The Thought Of You 12/23/2006
Best Poem of Sylvia Fourness

Our Friendship Will Break Apart

As a friend i love so dear,
Your the one I just can't fear,
Our friendship will last forever you'll see,
In our hearts it will be,

Our friendship will take us apart thats true,
Just remember I will still be here for you,
So be friends with who had before me,
Things will be better wait and see,

I will stay out of your life that I should,
I'm sure things would be better and good,
Just remember your in my heart you will see,
Until the day we are free.

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You Made Me Cry

You made me cry,
and trst began to die.
As each tear fell,
it began to swell,
it grew to double,
and became a bubble.
The perfect sheild,
it began to build.
To protect me,
and let me see,
My ultimate my soul.
I let you go,
so i may grow.
The power is mine,
I will be fine.

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