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Sylvia Frances Chan, born in Jakarta, Indonesia studied the English Language-and-Literature at the Ureca University, now the Trisakti University, Jakarta

Married to a Urologist (a medical specialist) , they have 3 sons. She was a teacher of the Christian Junior Highschool, she is a lecturer for students through iPhone, evangelist on Web sites and through iPhone, never in churches.She lived in Leyden, Haarlem and she has moved to the lovely province of G. and she resides there ever since.(updated 3 May 2017 - Wednesday at 10.00 hrs. West European Time) .

Besides poetry she also writes essays, novels, paints, draws, plays chess, car-racing (Dallas, Zandvoort) , balloons (San Diego) , walk, tennis Annual Competitions Mondial, skiing (Serfaus) , classical music, pop, R&B, reading. She had many painting exhibitions in and over the country. At the age of 15, she had her first group paintings-expositions and was the youngest exposing in the Balai Budaya of Jakarta, Indonesia. She had won several first prizes at the age of 11 and 12 years. In Chess-competitions too, but there were no prizes for girls. The Org. knew that girls would never win, but she won and she accepted that first prize, though, for a boy, she thought she was the winner, the champion amongst boys and girls. The Org. Committee announced that they had not a prize for a girl. Now this: she won the first prize too with a golf tournament, but this time she got a most beautiful and expensive prize. Different than with a tennis tournament, the golf tournament for amateurs was for both sexes together. So she won from a male player, who became the runner-up. She won a car racing for amateurs too in Dallas, Texas (USA) . In tennis-competitions, she won many first prizes in the ladies single and ladies double. Her tennis team was constantly in the Top Ranking. Many champion cups filled her cupboard at her home. She won the mixed too with her eldest son. Her spouse said that IF she did not go studying, she had won several Grand Slam tournaments like Wimbledon, Australian Open or Roland Garros. Now about her creating poetry. When she is creating, she does that with a kind of humming a tune and that's why there is always a smooth flow in almost all her poems. English is her third language, Dutch is her mother tongue and Indonesian is her second language. She knows the French and the German language too but as her fourth and fifth language, added with Malay and Jakarta Dialect as the last two.
I forgot to write here that ACCORDING to my beloved Mum at times when I was really behaving obstructing, she said then: Pipi, do you know that the day you were born, you did not come out, it was truly a most difficult birth, but I felt you inside kicking all the time, but you could not go out at that moment and I had only the baker-woman to help me. It was such rainy nights, not cold, but chilly to the bones, finally, you came out, I was alone with that woman. I was exhausted. Your dad was away for an uncertain time because he had been working at MGM office, but at that time, there was no reasonable job to find. Finally, he got that super mighty job at Stanvac's department in Jakarta, we were very happy that he found an excellent job as the manager of that branch in Jakarta Gambir. Now it got an Indonesian name. But no one of the in-laws came to visit you at your Birth while for your Bro, who was born in the year of the Golden Dragon, full Moon and that was in May, warm not too hot and cozy weather, Dad's parent came and look victoriously happy. I could only listen to this story, my Mum oft repeated when she got sad as I was not behaving correctly at that moment.She continued, you look pretty, lovely and beautiful, you are correct tall for the average Indonesian kid, that we all could see, so if you apply at the Police Academy, they would accept you because you have the correct size for that department. BUT what people could never see, your feet are too long, you have the right measure for confection (clothes bought in the shops) and your fingers are suitable to play piano (long slender fingers) but you only use them for drawing, painting and writing essays, even sewing you disliked, for the theory you got a ten plus, but for the true sewing you got irritated, annoyed and finally bored and you dropped that course. You must not be as rebellious as the kids from bad parents. I asked her: " How do YOU know Mummy, that they are bad parents? So they might think too that you are bad..." .She became very sad then and I stopped behaving honest to her, I mean: I did not talk in such a way anymore. P.S. My feet remind her of the Ghurkas, she said many times to me, to be able to fight in the open air because they were very strong. I have never known HOW Ghurkas look, I have never tried to open that Google-page to know, I had no need to do that if she said so, I believe her. So far this ADDITION- AD.2 Dec 2017 @ 12.34 hrs P.M. West-European Time MINUS three C Degrees, cars are frozen outside. I must call the garage to put winter tires.

Sylvia Frances Chan's Works:

Two publications, Nov 2012 by Mrs. Judy Lynn, Chief Editor, L.A.Cal-USA. Emeralds Green by Xlibris-UK
In many PoemSites, WebSites, Weblogs and in Journals her poems are published all over the world. Red and Green colors are her favorites, and she had to deal with all green colors as in the NL ecology was the trend and still is. She and her fellow countrymen always had a good feel for all green her government suggested. She attended many readings about this important theme. She developed the greatest feel for her intuitions due to her beloved Mother and her intuitions about that green landscape. She quarreled with Shell, that oil company about the Green Fluid and she opposed Shell since this company would gain a myriad profit, she changed Shell´s attitude. Another Poetry Book is published by Xlibris in the UK, also available as both Poetry Book and e-book. Another Poetry Book will be published this summer OR fall. She is also on many poetry sites. Is a member of FB. The owner is married to one Miss CHAN, but she is no family of the épousse. She said once: I do love this famous couple. Mrs. MZ-Chan is a good mom (baby born now) and is also excellent in her subject.


Just written media August 2011, for Poetfreak.

Recently last July I was invited by a good friend to come to Paris.
When still living in the tropics I loved to study Beaux Arts in Paris, but....since I was the only girl (be noted: my big bro was the only boy....LOL...) , my mom forbade me, I may not study in Heidelberg either! Since then Paris had become its home in my head, I really enjoyed my very first visit to Paris, I was really very excited...and last July I was back again in Paris, thi Updates

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