Sylvia Larane Green

Rookie (Ogden, Utah)

Biography of Sylvia Larane Green

Sylvia Larane Green has been composing inspiring verse for family, friends, church members, and others for over 15 years. She began writing poetry in her late teens when she accepted Christ into her life and made a conversion over from creating secular rap lyrics. She has published her works in various newsletters, For Crying Out Loud, The Greater Capital Area Journal, Cross and Quill, and Handmaidens Webzine; and newspapers, The Southern Digest and National African American News (NAAN) . Also, one of her favorite poems, 'Gift to the Earth, ' is featured in the anthology, Gumbo for the Soul: A Recipe for Literacy in the Black Community, and another one of her powerful poems, 'Rescue Me' will be included in the the upcoming Gumbo for the Soul: Here's the Child, Where's Our Village?

Sylvia recently published her first book of poems, Gift of Life, an exceptional collection reminding us how blessed we are to be alive and should make the most of our existence. Divided into three sections, Living for Self, Living for Others, and Living for God, this book covers subjects such as self-esteem, hope, success, love, relationships, and service to God and to others. It holds a word for all who read it. With its powerfully optimistic messages, Gift of Life helps us discover deeper meaning for our lives. This book is available at

Sylvia Larane Green's Works:

Gift of Life Updates

A Single Life

I only have a single life to live;
To the world I strive my utmost to give.
I aim to shed joy in another’s life––
Attempt to carry peace where abides strife.

I unselfishly spread my love abroad;
My existence I want not to be void.
I wish to lead people in the right direction––
Of positiveness be a reflection.

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