Sylvia Legris Poems

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Cold Zodiac and Butchered Pig

Onward the fairweather spleen.
Onward the season of vent and caprice.

Giovedì Grasso flies the meat,

Spleen (Blood Lily)

Complex amaryllis — two-faced,
multiflorus, wrath-spathed ball of
ire — grows flagrantly unfragran

Spleen (Hollyhock)

Unblacken the holy mallow,
the incorrupt, the foregut
inconclusion. St. Cuthbert's cole,
a stalky stand-up, the deadpan

Studies of an Ox's Heart, c. 1511-13

After Leonardo da Vinci


The long incision. The incipient voyage from aortic arch to thoracic inlet. Small-particled is the corpuscled city. (Bustling opuscula.) A city of animal electricity. A lowing cycling mass. Calm the cowed heart. Still the