Sylvia Lynn Matthews

Rookie (8-16-1993 / Sidney NY)

Biography of Sylvia Lynn Matthews

Im a girl that has a lot of hard times, my name is Sylvia Lynn and i still go to school and dealing wit ppl crap. i love how my life changes when i meet this guy, he means the world to me Updates

Losing The One I Love

i never knew losing the one this bad is gonna hurt this much
i wish i could take back what they had or going though,
im wishing i could see these people one last time (my grandpa and Anthony) but it is too late now, they are gone forever.
my mama kept's telling me every nite i cry, they are in a better place now, god wants them up wit him watching down on us,
im going to miss seeing people that i hurt in the past and that i am hurting right now, and the people that die in my life

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