T. (no first name) Wignesan

Biography of T. (no first name) Wignesan

School-leaving certificates (SC: 1951, HSC: 1953 (Cambridge) , GCE: 1955 (London) , Inns of Court School of Law (London: Certificate of Academic Standing, Bar Standards Board,1953-56) , Official School of Languages: 3rd Yr-Spanish Literature & Civilization (Madrid: 1970) , Diploma in Hispanic Studies (Madrid: 1971) , Master’s in Spanish Literature (Madrid & Paris: 1972-73) , Doctorat d’Etat es lettres et sciences humaines (Sorbonne-Pantheon; 1983-87) .

ex-School teacher (Malaysia, Spain) , Lecturer (England, Germany, France) , Adjunct Professor and Research Fellow with the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS: 1973-1998) .
Ex-Journalist (Malaysia: 1954,1962) , England (1964-65) , Spain (1967))
Publisher’s editor: (Kuala Lumpur/London) ,1961-64.

T. (no first name) Wignesan's Works:

Tracks of a Tramp (a first collection of poems) . Kuala Lumpur-Singapore: Rayirath (Raybooks) ,1961,44p.
Bunga Emas, An Anthology of Contemporary Malaysian Literature,1930-1063. Ed. London: A. Blond and Raybooks,1964,272p.
Bunga Emas & Tracks of a Tramp. Kuala Lumpur: Silverfish Books,2015,287p.
The Thiruk-Kural of Thiru-Valluvar. The Secular Yogi in the Temple. Allahabad: Cyberwit.net,2018,86p.
Blind Man's Lantern: Poems that lash out, mock and rip into the dark. Allahabad: Cyberwit.net,2015, xxvi-860p.
the smell of piss an' shit in his pants: The vicarious memoir of a Vietnam War veteran. Allahabad: Cyberwit,2015,120p.
Ice in My Eyes and Smoke in Yours. (Novel) Allahabad: Cyberwit,2016,672p.
Night Soil Man. (Novel) Allahabad: Cyberwit,2008, v-193p.
Rama and Ravana at the Altar of Hanuman: on Tamils, Tamil Literature and Tamil Culture. Chennai: Institute of Asian Studies,2006, xiii-439p.
Poietics: Disquisitions on the Art of Creation. Allahabad: Cyberwit,2008,214p.
Etude comparée des littératures nationales et/ou officielles de la Malaisie et de Singapour depuis 1941. Lille: University of Charles de Gaulle (ANRT) ,1988 & 2006,1086p.
mere deaths and the mostly dead. (Short story coll.) Allahabad: Cyberwit,2008,275p.
Asianists' ASIA.Vol. V. Ed. Allahabad: Cyberwit,2009, xii-185p.
Sporadic Striving amid Echoed Voices, Mirrored Images and Stereotypic Posturing in Malaysian-Singaporean Literatures. Allahabad: Cyberwit,2008, xix-244p.
Victorian (pen-in-cheek) Vignettes & Tales (not so tall) of Timmy (the not so very polite) Malaya Hall Cat in London. Allahabad: Cyberwit,2008, xv-207p.
The Journal of the Institute of Asian Studies (Millennium Number) , Vol. XVII,2. Guest Editor. Chennai: Institute of Asian Studies,2000, xii-174p.
Fire Readings: A Collection of Contemporary Writing from the Shakespeare & Co. Fire Benefit Readings. Co-Edited. Paris-Boston: Frank Books,1991,198p.

Founding-Editor: The Journal of Comparative Poietics (Paris) ,1989.
Founding-Editor: Asianists’ ASIA (Paris) ,2000.

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