T (no first name) Wignesan

T (no first name) Wignesan Poems

1. (la Ballade De) La Femme Woor - Translation Of Oodgeroo Noonuccal's The Woor Woman By T. Wignesan 11/24/2016
2. A Bare Afternoon 7/11/2012
3. A Childhood Memory, Translation Of Carlos Bousono's Poem: Recuerdo De Infancia 10/18/2013
4. A Chinese Girl I Took To A Nunnery 11/27/2013
5. A Cure For Forty Death-Dealing Cells 7/11/2012
6. A French Narrative Poem, Translation Of 'narration Française' By Rene Etiemble 3/26/2014
7. A New View, Translation Of Carlos Bousono's Poem: La Nueva Mirada 11/1/2013
8. A Partisan Heart, Translation Of Carlos Bousono's Poem: Corazon Partidario 10/31/2013
9. A Reluctant Sayonara 7/11/2012
10. A Soulful Cry Of Anguish Against Fate 10/2/2016
11. A Zen Sonnet: Everything Comes From Nothing Which Is Something 10/10/2015
12. Achab*, Translation Of Pierre Emmanuel's Achab By T. Wignesan 10/27/2014
13. Acute Advice To Those Who Would Be King From The Thiruk-Kural: Valiarithal - K475 6/28/2017
14. Additional Advice For Those* Who Would Be King From The Thiruk-Kural With Commentary 6/17/2017
15. Akbar, The Great (1542 - 1605) 7/11/2012
16. Am I The Assassin Or The Undertaker 2/4/2013
17. Ambiguity And Ambivalence In The Thirukkural: Canto 4, K35, A Random Example 4/24/2017
18. Antipoetic Cricket: Chalkup The Score Board 3/23/2016
19. Anyone For Humiliation 4/30/2016
20. Appropriate Advice From The Thiruk-Kural For Those`who Would Be King: Valiarithal, K473 And K474 6/27/2017
21. Arte Mayor: Neither Cricket Nor Football 4/27/2017
22. Asai Mugam, Translation Of Bharathiyar's Poem By T. Wignesan 7/7/2015
23. Ascent Into Love, Translation Of Carlos Bousono's Poem: Subida Al Amor 10/28/2013
24. Autumnal Dirge, Transl. Of Chanson D'Automne By Paul Verlaine 8/25/2013
25. Back Door Side Door Front Door: Which Door Might A Confucian Take? 9/29/2012
26. Ballad: Just Another Odd Guy 6/6/2013
27. Ballade: In Favour Of Those Called Decadents And Symbolists, Translation Of Paul Verlaine's Poem: Ballade 9/30/2013
28. Barabas, Translation Of Pierre Emmanuel's Barabas By T. Wignesan 10/13/2014
29. Basking In Moonshine, Translation Of Paul Verlaine's Clare De Lune 9/4/2013
30. Bedtime On Tramp 7/13/2012
31. Before You Go A Little Way, Prospecting... 7/12/2012
32. Bikku Under The Bodhi Tree 7/11/2012
33. Biography, Translation Of Carlos Bousono's Poem: Biographia 11/6/2013
34. Blinks Through Bloodshot Walks 7/12/2012
35. Block Fall From The Zyklon Door 7/11/2012
36. 'Blood' Brothers Or 'Bloody' Brothers Under The Banner 7/13/2012
37. Book Three Of The Thiruk-Kural On Un-Authorised (Concealed) And Authorised (Religion Ordained) Love: Canto 109 To 133 7/25/2017
38. Born To Die At Stromboli 7/11/2012
39. Boy Running In The Rain... 7/11/2012
40. Brahman Nemesis 1/17/2016
Best Poem of T (no first name) Wignesan

Nevermore, Translation Of Paul Verlaine's Sonnet: Nevermore

(In this translation of Paul Verlaine’s « Nevermore », I must say I felt inveigled into adhering to the fixed form by making some unnecessary allowances just in order to respect the rime scheme. It would have been better if I had abandoned the effort at laboriously keeping to the original’s end-rimes. T. Wignesan)

Souvenirs, souvenirs, what do you want of me? Autumn
Invites the thrush to fly through the air lifeless sans tone,
And the sun beats its rays down: relentless monotone
Over the yellowing wood where claps the North wind’s thunder tone.

We were walking all by ...

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Radically Chinese

a point
leftstroke bent
a cover man

man enter eight borders to cover ice

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