T. (no first name) Wignesan

T. (no first name) Wignesan Poems

41. On That Day When All Is Dark 7/13/2012
42. What Head Of Hero That Did Not Roll 7/13/2012
43. Now You Are Put To Rest 7/13/2012
44. Who Dares To Take This Life From Me, Knows No Better 7/13/2012
45. Once I Was A Prince 7/13/2012
46. Plaidoirie For A Prince Of Jaffna? 7/13/2012
47. The Temple Drummer And Piper 7/13/2012
48. On Authors, Critics And Readers 7/30/2012
49. Incinerate Your Love 7/30/2012
50. What You Don'T See Is Not Necessarily Not There 8/1/2012
51. Non-Attached Action=duty 7/30/2012
52. You Said: Why Can'T I Have My Day 8/11/2012
53. Requiem For An Unknown Tigress Cub 8/17/2012
54. The Difference Of Touch: In D Minor Kv 466 And Variations On The Theme Of Paganini 8/22/2012
55. Is There An Exclusive All-In-One Principle 8/26/2012
56. Na Tian Piet's Sha'Er Of The Late Sultan Abu Bakar Of Johor 9/24/2012
57. Back Door Side Door Front Door: Which Door Might A Confucian Take? 9/29/2012
58. Free Power 10/13/2012
59. To The Lucky Quill-Feathered Poets Of Mac-Pc Yore 11/9/2012
60. The Old Man And The Seine 11/22/2012
61. What Time Are We Living In 12/1/2012
62. Turn The Sod To Find A Hand In Your Hand 12/7/2012
63. Rondelet: Stuck In A Hole 12/10/2012
64. Rondelet: Masons In Arms 12/11/2012
65. Rondelet: Be Charitable 12/12/2012
66. Rondelet: Reduce The Size And Population Of The State 12/13/2012
67. Rondelet: Democracy 12/14/2012
68. Rondelet: Obama Hear 12/18/2012
69. Rondelet: Give Me Country 12/19/2012
70. Rondelet: Tau Ceti Soul 12/20/2012
71. Rondelet: Who The Hell Cares 12/21/2012
72. Rondelet: Eyes From Afar 12/22/2012
73. Rondelet: No Man Is An... 12/23/2012
74. Rondelet: Panic Stations 12/24/2012
75. Rondelet: Tuut-Tuut All Aboard 12/25/2012
76. Criss-Cross Acrostic*: Ai My Eye 1/27/2013
77. Limerick: Once A Prince 1/27/2013
78. Limerick: Once A Mincing Mrs. 1/28/2013
79. Limerick: Once A Lolling Lassie From Laredo 1/28/2013
80. Limerick: Once A Fidgety Lady From Greenwich 1/29/2013

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The Sensation Of Nothingness, Translation Of Carlos Bousono's Poem: Sensacion De La Nada

Consider, no matter what, even something agreeable
falls so low: in the pureness
of metaphysics, in the sublime
brightness of nothingness.
In the cubic emptiness, in the number
of fire. It’s the bonfire
which causes inanity to burn. In the centre
no wind whatsoever blows. It is the fire
pure, pure nothingness. No being inhabited by faith,
there is no extension. The reduction of the world
to a point, to a number which suffers.
Because it is hideous, a symbolical endurance,
without the uncertain material which enlivens it.
Is it the unwaveringness of ...

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I am the prize catch
I live in an artificial lake
fed by a nappe phréatique
I was put there to keep
lesser fish: carp
from taking up too much space
I live to be caught
and caught again
and be let loose as rain

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