T. (no first name) Wignesan

T. (no first name) Wignesan Poems

801. Copla Treinta Y Cuatro: This Bad Guy World 6/12/2014
802. Limerick Crochetés: Portrait Of A Dead Brit Nazi, Lord Of The Lollypoppians 5/12/2014
803. Limerick: Once A True Benign Pope Wore Iron Cross 1/1/2014
804. The Ruba'Iyat Of Creteil Lake - Part Fourteen 12/28/2013
805. Limerick: Once A Barrister Hired A Spinster 12/29/2013
806. Limerick Crochet: Once Swiss Miss Wanted To Make Cake With Cheese 11/20/2013
807. A Childhood Memory, Translation Of Carlos Bousono's Poem: Recuerdo De Infancia 10/18/2013
808. Conquistador, Translation Of Paul Verlaine's Tercets: Conquistador 10/9/2013
809. Lament, Translation Of Paul Verlaine's Poem: Lamento 10/3/2013
810. Prayer, Translation Of Paul Verlaine's Poem: Prière 10/4/2013
811. Ballade: In Favour Of Those Called Decadents And Symbolists, Translation Of Paul Verlaine's Poem: Ballade 9/30/2013
812. Limerick: Once A Cossack In Tundra Cassock 5/12/2013
813. Basking In Moonshine, Translation Of Paul Verlaine's Clare De Lune 9/4/2013
814. Limerick: Once A Rich Widow Went To The Globe 7/4/2013
815. Limerick: Once A Scandal-Ridden Monarchy 7/23/2013
816. Limerick: Once A Poet Used An Harmless Word 7/20/2013
817. Limerick: Once Our Señorita Watched Sea Anne-Anne - 13 8/20/2013
818. Limerick Croises: Once Our 'Rita Jumped Into Sea Anne-Anne - 14 8/21/2013
819. Villanelle: Who's Not Racist, Do Stand Not Up, Please 7/17/2013
820. Limerick: Once A Lonely Grand-Dad In A Log-Jam 7/11/2013
821. Villanelle: The Lesson Cannot Just Be One Life's Lost 7/15/2013
822. Limerick: Once A Firebrand Fräulein From The Black Forest 6/1/2013
823. Limerick: Once A Heavy Weight Was Given A Choice 6/5/2013
824. Ballad: Just Another Odd Guy 6/6/2013
825. Limerick: Once A Stud Stallion In Wild Mare Charge 5/3/2013
826. Limerick: Once A Rich Janitress Rode On A Broom 4/11/2013
827. Limerick: Once A President Of Bolivia 3/30/2013
828. Limerick: Once A Tight Lobbyist In Real Pain 2/18/2013
829. The Malay Pantun: Post-Colonial Writing 12/27/2012
830. Limerick: Once A Lady-In-Waiting In London 2/11/2013
831. Limerick: Once A Measly Miser In Mumbai 2/12/2013
832. Limerick: Once A Gorgeous Geisha In Kyoto 2/13/2013
833. The Malay Pantun: The Non-Party Communal Triumvirate 1/24/2013
834. Post Coitum Omne Animal Triste Est Sive Gallus Et Mulier 12/9/2012
835. Master Valluvan, The Long-Misunderstood Tamil Mentor 7/13/2012
836. Künst 7/13/2012
837. The Gnat Nebulae 7/12/2012
838. Paths In The Private Country 7/12/2012
839. On Hearing That Ronnie... 7/12/2012
840. On Driving Westward Toward Versailles 7/11/2012

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The Sensation Of Nothingness, Translation Of Carlos Bousono's Poem: Sensacion De La Nada

Consider, no matter what, even something agreeable
falls so low: in the pureness
of metaphysics, in the sublime
brightness of nothingness.
In the cubic emptiness, in the number
of fire. It’s the bonfire
which causes inanity to burn. In the centre
no wind whatsoever blows. It is the fire
pure, pure nothingness. No being inhabited by faith,
there is no extension. The reduction of the world
to a point, to a number which suffers.
Because it is hideous, a symbolical endurance,
without the uncertain material which enlivens it.
Is it the unwaveringness of ...

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Radically Chinese

a point
leftstroke bent
a cover man

man enter eight borders to cover ice

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