T (no first name) Wignesan

T (no first name) Wignesan Poems

81. Rondelet: Don'T Blame India, The Land Of The 64 Artful Kama-Sutra Positions 1/14/2013
82. Rondelet: Bad Guy Dope* 1/18/2013
83. Criss-Cross Acrostic*: Ai My Eye 1/27/2013
84. Limerick: Once A Prince 1/27/2013
85. Limerick: Once A Mincing Mrs. 1/28/2013
86. Limerick: Once A Lolling Lassie From Laredo 1/28/2013
87. Limerick: Once A Fidgety Lady From Greenwich 1/29/2013
88. Limerick: Once A Randy Rajah From Ratnapoor 1/29/2013
89. Limerick: Once A Fierce Samurai From Xi Ban Guo 1/30/2013
90. Limerick: Once An Upset Farmer In Xin Jia Po 1/31/2013
91. Limerick: Once A Bold Billionaire From Ma-Lays-She-Ah 2/1/2013
92. Limerick: Once The Middle Kingdom's Top Concubine 2/1/2013
93. Am I The Assassin Or The Undertaker 2/4/2013
94. Rondelet: Fa' Morgana 2/5/2013
95. Limerick: Once A Baron Born Near Basingstoke 2/6/2013
96. Limerick: Once A Meat-Vendor In Mylapur 2/7/2013
97. Limerick: Once An Uppity Lady In Freeze 2/15/2013
98. Limerick: Once An-Other Anchor-Woman At Sea Anne-Anne 3/1/2013
99. Copla Dos: This Bad Guy World 3/4/2013
100. Limerick: Once A Pretty Pole Psychologist 3/8/2013
101. Limerick: Once A Viscountess In A Mess 3/10/2013
102. Copla Tres: This Bad Guy World 3/13/2013
103. Copla Cuatro: This Bad Guy World 3/15/2013
104. Limerick: Once A Belly-Dancer In Cairo 3/17/2013
105. Limerick: Once A Woman-Cleanser In Malawi 3/18/2013
106. Limerick: Once A Roundsman Signed A Round Robin 3/20/2013
107. Limerick: Once The Yogi Of Himalaya Or The Laughing Gas Yogi 2/20/2013
108. Limerick: Once An Elegant Earl From Eton 2/22/2013
109. Villanelle: Oscar Victorius 2/23/2013
110. Limerick: Once A Lovely Lady Caught In Her Shower 3/21/2013
111. Villanelle: Lodged In Our Cockles Aladdin Lamps Hum 3/25/2013
112. Limerick: Once A Great Leader With Empty Pockets 3/25/2013
113. Limerick: Once A Grand Duke In Londonderry 3/25/2013
114. Limerick: Once A Brave Laddie At Lake Loch Ness 3/28/2013
115. Limerick: Once A Toro Loved By A Matador 4/3/2013
116. Limerick: Once A Banker From Starving Wall Street 4/4/2013
117. Limerick: Once A Baby Found In A Bucket 4/5/2013
118. Limerick: Once A Privy Counsellor At Lord's 4/6/2013
119. Limerick: Once A Little Girl And Her Sister 4/7/2013
120. Limerick: Once Anchor-Woman At Sea Anne-Anne 4/8/2013
Best Poem of T (no first name) Wignesan

The Sensation Of Nothingness, Translation Of Carlos Bousono's Poem: Sensacion De La Nada

Consider, no matter what, even something agreeable
falls so low: in the pureness
of metaphysics, in the sublime
brightness of nothingness.
In the cubic emptiness, in the number
of fire. It’s the bonfire
which causes inanity to burn. In the centre
no wind whatsoever blows. It is the fire
pure, pure nothingness. No being inhabited by faith,
there is no extension. The reduction of the world
to a point, to a number which suffers.
Because it is hideous, a symbolical endurance,
without the uncertain material which enlivens it.
Is it the unwaveringness of ...

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A Reluctant Sayonara

for my long-suffering, poetry-loving doctor sister: Thadshayani

« She must suffer to her last breath. (…) They'll all soon be as Dead as 0-Ren Ishii. »
« That woman deserves her Revenge. And we deserve to die. »
From « Kill Bill Vol.1 »


Two French girls in Paris

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