T (no first name) Wignesan

T (no first name) Wignesan Poems

121. Limerick: Once A Sick Sikh In A Great Hurry 4/9/2013
122. Limerick: Once A Pathan Paid For A Brandy 4/10/2013
123. Limerick: Once A Lone Sailor Who Sank With His Ship 4/13/2013
124. Limerick: Once A Time-Keeper At Race Marathon 4/14/2013
125. Limerick: Once Hillbilly Bumpkin Came To Town 4/15/2013
126. Limerick: Once An Airman Who Couldn'T Stand His Wife 4/16/2013
127. Limerick: Once A Ticket-Puncher Got Dead Drunk 4/18/2013
128. Limerick: Once A Typsy Toddy-Tapper Took Wench 4/21/2013
129. Terza Rima Sonnet: On The Boston Bomb Blast 4/22/2013
130. Memo For Destroyer Poet A Linda: 3 20 Pm 23rd April 2013 Paris France 4/24/2013
131. Limerick: Once A Salesgirl Who Sold Silk Stockings 4/27/2013
132. Limerick: Once A Cute Little Lark Laughed For A Lark 4/29/2013
133. Limerick: Once A Yahoo* Forced To Go Google 5/1/2013
134. Rondelet: De-Human(-Ised) Rights 5/5/2013
135. Rondelet: Who Takes Over 5/9/2013
136. Limerick: Once A Dashing Damsel With Tough Biceps 5/13/2013
137. Limerick: Once A Veep In A V.I.P. Lounge 5/15/2013
138. Limerick: Once The Un Wore A Carnation 5/16/2013
139. Rondelet: (Nuclear) Rot In Bowels 5/22/2013
140. Limerick: Once The Great Leader Gave A Brave Speech 5/25/2013
141. Limerick: Once A Queen Stuck To Doddering Duke 5/27/2013
142. Limerick: Once Gout Which Got A Lady In Disease 6/9/2013
143. Limerick: Once A Toro In A Madrid Prairie 6/11/2013
144. Copla Seis: This Bad Guy World 6/14/2013
145. Ghazal: Now That She's Left And Gone To Be Herself Again 6/17/2013
146. Limerick: Once An Orphan Begged At The Town Hall 6/18/2013
147. Limerick: Once A Little Girl, A Lovely Chick 6/19/2013
148. Villanelle: If You Scoff At The World We Live In 6/29/2013
149. Villanelle: Martin-Pecheur, The Fisher King 7/6/2013
150. Limerick: Once A Pregnant Teen Saw A Barrister 5/8/2013
151. Limerick: Once A Leftist Stuffed-Shirt Taught Class 7/2/2013
152. Limericks Croises: Once A Mother Professor And Daughter 6/27/2013
153. Limerick: Once A Nanny Looked For A Manny 7/25/2013
154. Limerick: Once A Flutist Played An Enticing Tune 6/21/2013
155. Maquillage Civilization 7/27/2013
156. Limerick: Once A Tight Tycoon Fell In A Swoon 7/28/2013
157. Limericks Croises: Once Meat-Eater Met A Veg-Eater 7/29/2013
158. Limerick: Once A Tongue-Twisting Pop Man-Eater 7/30/2013
159. Limerick: Once A Lazy Lout Without Any Clout 8/1/2013
160. Limerick: Once A Señorita From Sevilla 8/2/2013
Best Poem of T (no first name) Wignesan

The Sensation Of Nothingness, Translation Of Carlos Bousono's Poem: Sensacion De La Nada

Consider, no matter what, even something agreeable
falls so low: in the pureness
of metaphysics, in the sublime
brightness of nothingness.
In the cubic emptiness, in the number
of fire. It’s the bonfire
which causes inanity to burn. In the centre
no wind whatsoever blows. It is the fire
pure, pure nothingness. No being inhabited by faith,
there is no extension. The reduction of the world
to a point, to a number which suffers.
Because it is hideous, a symbolical endurance,
without the uncertain material which enlivens it.
Is it the unwaveringness of ...

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Curse Of Caste


They came on bullock-carts
loaded with gods
traversed sinuous mountain ranges

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