T. R. Crissian

Biography of T. R. Crissian

I have always loved writing and would love to have my books published as well as my poems. If they can not be published then why not put them on the internet so that other people can read and enjoy them too? I hope you like my poems. I try to put as much feeling in them as is in my power and imagination!

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The Arabian Beauty

It gallops across the sunny slopes,
The grass so green on this little hill,
As it plunges into a field of flowers below,
The wind blows strong,
As if to say, ' Come my friend, frolic all day! '
It rears it's head, and tosses it mane,
It's muscles rippling like the surface of a lake,
This horse is a hard one to tame.
It's speed is like lightning flashing across a

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