Tabatta Nunes

Biography of Tabatta Nunes

Hey! =D my name is Tabatta im 15 years old and i love reading and writting poetry! well most of the poems i have published on this site i wrote in the past 1 or 2 years. my friends and family inspire me to write and keep on writting. one day i hope to publish a book. Enjoy my poetry and if you have any suggestions please comment. Thanks! Updates

Mixed Signals

I'm Extremely confused. My head says “ I'm over you, your just my best friend.” while my heart says “ No I still have feelings for you.” My friends say that you like me, but I know better.

You just see me as your best friend. You trust me with your secrets, and I trust you with mine. You were always around to help me during my darkest hours when I felt totally helpless. For that I will be forever grateful and I'll do the same for you when needed.

My mind must be getting mixed signals fro

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