Taher Shemaly Biography

Born to a moderate family. completed my studies in Physics with a bachelor degree from Kuwait University. Although had many failures on the emotional plane but I believe life is still going on. Not so bound to religion but I still respect it and I do believe in peace among all. Maybe one of the most shocking moment for me was that when the Pope, John Pual II died, I considered him a true symbol of peace even though my religion is different than his.
Although some people might say I'm knocked by melancholy (which is something I believe that I have) but still I have my own special moments that I think of from time to time, otherwise, I wouldn't make it through this life. My friends play much greater rule in my life, since with them my special moments are connected.
I can say that I'm greatly affected by music although I can't play any and I don't have a nice voice, but I must pay much appreciation to singers like Phil Collins, Ronan Keating and Celine Dion along with many others for their songs that often turn on the green light for my emotions, and I won't find it shameful to say that I indeed cried for some songs sang by them, nothing for but because they reminded me of something passed in my life.

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