Talia Anziliero

Rookie (18 November,1993 / Mt Isa)

Biography of Talia Anziliero

My name is Talia, it sounds like 'Til-lee-ah', I not really sure as to what I should right in here. I'm really uncomortable talking about myself. But I like meeting knew friends, though i'm not as sociable as my sister. At the moment I have two really close friends that I can share almost everything with.

Poems as I see them are like art; instead of painting your perspective and musically notifying other people, you express yourself through words and phrases. They can help ease the pain, help you to remember/ forget or just express your view and feeligs towards a particular subject/ event. I believe it is/becomes a part of who you are, it lets others see (sorta) what you see. It can help someone understand. But anyway I hope you enjoy reading my poems, and if not CONSTRUCTIVE critism would appreciated. But bagging me out for the hell of it I shall not, can not and will not withstand. I am very strong willed and if I feel as if I have been wronged or upset my only (before hand) advice is: Run...Run for your life and hope I don't find in my fit of rage.

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Little Angels

You must first suffer in darkness,
Before you can seek the light,
So why do you suffer alone?
Little poppit do not cry,
Please, I shall be your friend and together we can seek the light.

Look there! Look quick! do you not see?
We must first suffer in darkness before we can seek the light.
So why, young child do you cry,

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