Tallapaka Tirumalamma

[Thimmakka] (15th Century / Andhra Pradesh / India)

Biography of Tallapaka Tirumalamma

Tallapaka Tirumalamma poet

Tallapaka Tirumalamma or Thimmakka (Telugu: తాళ్ళపాక తిరుమలమ్మ) was a famous Telugu poet who wrote Subhadra Kalyanam in Telugu. She was wife of famous singer-poet Annamacharya and was popularly known as Timmakka.

Early Life

Timmakka was born into a Brahmin's family . She is considered as the first Telugu poetess.

Her Works

Timmakka's main work, Subhadra Kalyanam with 1170 poems, is about the marriage of Arjuna and Subhadra, characters in Hindu epic Mahabharata. She presented the Telugu nativity and culture in the story taken from Sanskrit epic.

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