Tamara Puyear

Biography of Tamara Puyear

For a 15 year old, ive seen alot of shit. Stuck between greif and reponsibility i had writting. The rotten relationship i have with my mother is just the way i want to keep it. With the only side effect being the probability of me lashing out on someone. But people are tough. If they dont want to get beat up, they souldnt make fun of people. But those who do know me well, know my weird and loving side.

Tamara Puyear's Works:

The Reflections Literary Journal, is a book with a collections of young writters. As young adults, teenagers do not have the chance to be hear often. Those who have been quiet and overlooked have spoken out, and shared their stories.

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Twisted Games

The game we play in a twisted way
Played aginst us
Causing such shame
Testing our weak defenses
Building on brief glances
And failed attemps of moving on

Because of those feeling you thought you burnned
The words you were supposts to drown

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