Tammi Celina Lyons Quotes

18 November 2015

The worst came to misery, and misery happened to feel more shameful.

19 November 2015

My shooting star There I found you crouched in a ball of Light, I thought to myself; this is God's Angel.

19 November 2015

In my opinion, wondering in my thoughts, some facts, truths maybe, we 'humans' do have similarities with nature that we cannot deny. Of course, most of my thoughts are windy but I can still hear my inner flower dancing to the sound of my soul the tree.

28 February 2021

In the moment, I felt dead. Cold on the inside as if I were really dead, but when I look at you - when I look at you, it's as if you're the only one that sees me alive. And I feel alive again. It's strange though, because I never realized you were there for me all my life and I treated you like dirt. I'm disgusting. Very disturbed, but you loved me anyway. You are not dirt, you're my flower garden. So, so beautiful.

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