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My name is Tamara Lousie Aimson. Soon to be Challinor. I am 15 and half years old. I was born on the 25th may 1997. I preffer to be called Tammie though. Lil Aimo comes from my older brother Dan. As his friends call him Aimo. I found this sight through a good friend Jodie who has helped me through tough times. But my bestest of all friends is Emma Hall (You can find her on here too.) Emma has been my friend since I was 10. You may think thats not very long but for us it has been a journey of a life time. We have had our ups and downs our good and bad times but no matter what we have made it to today. Me and Emma used to hate each other now you can hardly see us apart. Emma has helped me through the toughest of times. If it want for her I wouldnt be here today. There were times over the past 3 years when my life got so hard I couldnt carry on. I have scars from times like them and meomrys I can not forget. Some times life can be so hard and you just need that extra help to push you back onto your feet back on track. Over the years and still today there are poeple who like to make them selves better by hurting other people and im one of those who get hurt. I have been taught to say how I feel so thats why Im so random and weird. I have been taught to take every opertunity in life even if that means to take a leap and fall but I always get back up again. If you just sit there and let someone control you how will you ever be you? Some times you can sit there and let poeple walk all over you like adults say to do but I tell them NO! If you can let them do it once they will do it all the time. Strangers say im shy but when they get to know me im a diffrent person all togther. I know most of my peoms are dark and death defing but emotions are a big thing in my life. It seems I can never get anything right, not even a realtionship. Thats why most of my poems are about love, lost, close to death and suicide. We all have our dark sides, but this dark can be powerful and ruling. we all have dark sides and one day you will see it and it will show. Selfharm is another thing for me, expressing myself in endless cuts, pain isnt summit I feel physically. pain is what I feel emotionally. like tears burning in my eyes, a broken heart breaking again, a erge, a need, missing someone dearly in my heart. It isnt pointless it all has a meaning but where do you draw that line? You cross it and only then figure out where to draw it again but when? when its too late. Jumping from a 10000 feet building. Ending it all but is that really the end? Death is another thing ive faced. This comes along with pian, you can't have one with out the other. Death is nothing to scream and shout about. I lost a friend to death but when I moved town I didn't move with it death stayed. I moved on but it still haunts me but what if I had stayed would I have drove my self over the edge? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Hobbies and Intrest:
I love to write Poems,
I love to draw,
I love to listen to music,
I love to dream,
l love to cook.
I love photography, l love taking pictures.
My intrest is in cooking as one day I hope to become a chef!
And mainly I LOVE my family and friends. That includes friends I have never met.
Oh and I love ME!
Some one told me Im perfect the way I am and I should never change. So just for that person I am proud to shout: MY NAME IS TAMARA BRING ON THE WORLD!

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I Need This Feeling

i need this feeling to happen every day
i need it to last as i walk away
i need his touch on my lips
i need his hands on my hps
i need the music to take us on
i need this love to be real not a con
i need his smile to wake me
i need his laugh to be the key
for this feeling to carry on.

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