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Tan Ma Poems

1. Poetry Is Therapeutic 1/6/2008
2. On Remembering You And Intoxicating Myself 1/25/2008
3. I Fell In Love The Day I Met A Twig 2/9/2008
4. The Boy My Father Warned Me About 2/17/2008
5. Yes I Forget 3/28/2008
6. Falling In Love At Heidelberg 4/12/2008
7. Kiss 4/14/2008
8. U87$dhjsleht [for A Lack Of A Better Title] 5/27/2008
9. Unconscious 5/30/2008
10. Love 5/30/2008
11. Staring Contest 5/30/2008
12. Infidelity 5/30/2008
13. Inebriated, I Wed 5/30/2008
14. Scream (Haiku) 5/30/2008
15. Look 7/2/2008
16. Closer 8/18/2008
17. Of Drafts, Dolls, And Tin Soldiers 8/18/2008
18. Page 81 8/28/2008
19. And He Never Meant To Hurt Her 10/19/2007
20. Yours 11/14/2007
21. When The Music Ceases 11/14/2007
22. Tears Of An Artemis 12/8/2007
23. No One 12/8/2007
24. To Incinerate Sophists, Go Jump To The Fire First To See If It Burns Hard 10/3/2008
25. Dream 11/7/2008
26. What I'Ve Been Trying To Say 12/22/2008
27. Your Lips, The One I Love 2/25/2009
28. Drafts 3/30/2009
29. Death 12/11/2007
30. You Don'T Have To Go 12/8/2007
31. Dementia 2/25/2009
32. I Smile 12/21/2008
33. On Meeting The Frost And The Flame 1/4/2008
34. In Love And Light 9/8/2008

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Best Poem of Tan Ma

On Meeting The Frost And The Flame

Right after much workload at the firm, as I was peacefully walking along late-afternoon sidewalks
I came across a Girl made of Ice
Standing still on that little bridge where birds trod in search for food,
Staring blankly upon heavenly bodies resting on every throb of the earth
Maybe even yearning to go back home and find her place again
For she was alone, glittering just like those myriad stars
I foolishly believed I could count when I was a child

A cluster of diamonds generously lain right in front of me—yes, that’s what she was
Afraid that I would startle her ...

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When The Music Ceases

When the music ceases and I finally
Learn how to paint

My life in the gardens of Eden
I will come back for you
What we thought as mere figments of our imagination would come to life and we could


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