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Biography of Tan Pratonix

The majority of the 125 poems here were written in my youth, between the ages of 17 and 19. Then I stopped writing poems; perhaps the Muse died, or you might say I killed the Muse. Then after a long period of barrenness the Muse awoke again and I started writing poems in 2006. That was when I got on to Poemhunter.

There used to be a nice group of poets and reviewers in those days, ten years ago, and I got encouragement from quite a few of them. There were some critics also, but their criticism was purely from a literary and artistic point of view.

Things have changed in 2015-16. The Ninjuns have got in and Poemhunter seems to be going into a rapid decline. I don't find real poets here; you have to search hard to find them. Well, I hope to find a good group of friends, like I had way back in 2006.

I am hoping to find a better poetry site which will welcome 'crafted' poetry, instead of mere 'gush' or reckless torrents of emotion.

Tan Pratonix's Works:

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PoemHunter.com Updates

A Brief Romance

.Between you and me
Is a long stretch of sea
Preventing us
From communicating with each other

My words fly through the air
And settle here and there,
Scattered like pigeons on the sand;

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