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Tania Linsdell Poems

1. The Weight Of Freedom 4/30/2012
2. On Reticence In A Writer's Workshop 8/3/2013
3. Gulp 3/23/2014
4. Set Of The Son 2/7/2015
5. Old Gold 4/2/2015
6. I'm Rolling Over Now 8/21/2015
7. A Walk In The Garden 8/21/2015
8. Dreamtime 8/21/2015
9. Kiss Me Better 4/25/2016
10. Quantum Leap 4/25/2016
11. Jesus Walks Me Past The Gate 11/22/2017
12. We've Come A Long Way 11/22/2017
13. Step Up 11/22/2017
14. A Change Of Hats 11/22/2017
15. A Bunch Of Proses 11/22/2017
16. Grey Days 11/22/2017
17. Christmas Tree 11/22/2017
18. Priceless Enigma 11/22/2017
19. Crying In The Shower 1/7/2014
20. Sonbeam 2/7/2015
21. Cinderella's Ashes 1/7/2014
22. Bloom 2/7/2015
23. Middle-Aged Mosaic 2/7/2015
24. Insecurity Blanket 6/30/2013
25. Beachcombing 2/7/2015
26. Drenched In His Love 11/22/2017
27. Flights Of Fancy 2/7/2015

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Flights Of Fancy

Ever noticed during day,
Thoughts may come but never stay.
One too many bright idea,
Like butterflies they float away.
By nightfall
When the light is low,
My mind's at peace
My thoughts are slow.
Time to ponder,
Ideas grow
Drawn into focus
By lamps soft glow.
My mind is fixed,
The plans ‘a go! '
I go to sleep as now, ‘I know! '
By morning light, I discover
It's dust upon my husband's pillow.

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It’s okay to swallow your chewing gum,
Won’t hurt if you swallow your pride;
It’s alright to swallow your loneliness,
Not much danger of clogging inside.
True…that it is indigestible,
And may not be first nature to do,
But at least it will pass by unnoticed
Without messing up someone else too!

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