Tanner Cabello

Rookie (1991 / Amarillo)

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Tanner Cabello poet

I don't expect many people to read this, but for those who do. My name's Tanner Cabello. I'm a teen living in texas and obviously I like poetry. Music is my biggest influence when I write. My favorite writer is William Shakespeare. I know I'm not the best poet and I don't claim to be but I appreciate any constructive criticism I receive and hope to take it in and improve my writing skills. To anyone who reads my poems, thank you. Though I may never meet you it's always nice to have some support in something you love to do...

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Freezing Winds

I'm falling, falling, falling. Like a leaf in the cold winter. My golden coat slowly fades as I shrivel and shiver in the wind. It is too much. Therefore, I fall.Ashes, ashes, we all fall down. Winter winds whip wondrously around me. Where shall I be taken next? Does it matter? For in the end I always fall. Bits and pieces of me scatter in the wind

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