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Spring had left a mellow yellow flower
In my grassy garden, over there:
With open eyes I did see


The great bright star is not yet awake,
Still a heavenly light has lit up the sleeping earth.
A brisk wind ruffles the fresh spring leafage in mirth,
And the dawn chorus proclaims the daybreak.

Till throbs my brittle heart
Will I love you, for I, faint I, am fastened to your pure love;
No cause is too fatal to keep our souls apart
And will love you untill I hear His call from above.

I was glad—

Pleasant night offered me an opportunity
To explore the flamboyant city:

Thickly the night is dark
And the breeze is slow;
My little puppy started to bark
And the fire-flies to glow.

You are my Kismet— my Life-breath— my Dearest;
Knows Heaven love that brims my mortal Heart
Is dirtless, true; e'en though I leave to rest
In damp earth's dark breast, shan't my love depart.

The veil of the night is lifted
And beyond the scarlet east
The cozy sun's rising his head.

The weary moon is bright and slow
Still burning the oil-lamp with a flame yellow
At the neighbour's ajar window.

O April shower
Freshen the sick Nature,
Our old dirty village
And every weary creature.

Again the extinguishing sun peeps through a thin cracked cloud,
The covenantal bow colours the wet heaven
And the soft plumage of the flying Egrets.
The sick leaves and drooped flowers are now enlivened by the freshening rain.

The stars gleam faintly tonight,
And the night is slow,
The hiemal wind is dumb
And the channel runs on like a young roe.

''How lovely Nature is'', said she ''I wonder!
Her secrets do bemuse me o'er again!
Can this mystery be solved by my small brain?
O can man, miserable man, grasp it ever?

'Twas the first merry day of the bright week.
The thickest darkness of the saddest nights
Dispersed into the new-born glimm'ring dawn.

A bluebird is the finest creation
In whom creation is finest.

Last night
i dreamt of trees,
live green trees:

Placid is the cloudland as a dried ocean
No more thrasonical is the fading sun,
Along the harvested fields
The enervated farmers homeward return

Wake up, open the window and let the playful sunbeams
Kiss your gorgeous face and let the easy air
Brush your dishevelled hair.

My lover speaks to me:

Come, my love; come with me, my darling.
The winter is gone; the rain stopped falling;

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''Hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom He has given us'' - -Romans 5: 5)

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For Children: Summer In My Garden

Spring had left a mellow yellow flower
In my grassy garden, over there:
With open eyes I did see
The little flower's incomparable beauty.

It stretched its fragile neck out in the air
And started dancing in the morning zephyr...

The April-sun rose from his bed,
Wearing fiery coat he ascended the blue sky's head:
With open eyes I did see
The little flower's fleeting beauty.

It drooped and said to me, ''Once again,
Naughty summer has come to visit your grassy garden''

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Wild Flower 15 April 2017

Tapan, I read some of your poems, like- - ''Dawn'', ''An Offering To God'', ''To Her'' ''To Her ii'' ''On Solving Nature's Mystery'' and I must tell you something that you are very good at poetry.. And you are a good Christian, too, since I've seen the very Christian ending in some of your poems. Besides, you are a good student. Don't waste time, work hard and achieve your dream. May God bless abundantly you dear.

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Failure is not a thing that break us, but it is a thing that really makes us.

In life, failure comes to lift us up.

Who says I'm a lazy boy? I do the hardest thing everyday in my life- to live without you.

If you don't stumble, you can't stand tall.

Life isn't just about being happy, it's also about making someone else happy.

I believe that everyday God teaches us a valuable lesson and if we treasure that then our tomorrow will be better than today.

Success is not easy. In fact, success is as hard as failure.

Life does not have a definition but you must give it one.

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TAPAN Saren Popularity

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