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Biography of Tarrakkul the Gazzele

I am Tarrakkul the Gazelle,15 year old poetess. Not really though, I don't write just to write, I write poems only in times of great emotion, when inspired by life. I am a child of Croatian and many other heritages, but I am an American citizen, and I actually consider myself to be a person from the part of the world that I live in, a place I will not tell the name of. I don't have any friends my age, (teenagers think I am very weird usually, I'm not entirely sure why, maybe it's because I am so shy) but I do know several families whom I love, and I have many friends among older women and little children. I am the only white girl where I live, which means I live a kind of stared at and strange life. I live in a mud house in a dusty little village on the edge of a great desert. My house doesn't have a drainage system, nor is there any place to throw rubbish but for the front yard, nor is there a western bathroom-but we have an outhouse, which is better than some of our neighbors. I have a flock of sheep, actually they are my parent's sheep(duh) , but I keep them, going on long walks, sitting on rocks and homeschooling myself while keeping an eye on the sheep. It's quite a lovely life. Transportation is usually by tractor, three wheel cart, rickety bus, and the most often-by foot. I actually lived in the city for most of my life so far, but most people wouldn't guess it due to my callused hands, strong arms, and villager-ish way of dressing- not to mention that I wear torn up cloth shoes. And you thinking- 'And how does she get on the internet then? '- our village has electricity! And my older brother set up the villages first internet router, in our little mud house. I earn money teaching English, by taking a 2-3 hour bus ride to the city, where rich kids are eager to learn. That is how I bought myself this laptop, it is a Dell, it is yellow in color. All this and much more has brought me to be who I am now, and greatly inspires my poetry. Feel free to read and comment on my poetry.

Tarrakkul the Gazzele's Works:

I've never published a book before, but I do make up long stories, fantasies, and tell them to the little village children. They absolutely are captivated by the stories and beg me to keep going when I stop, so maybe I will write a few books. But I think I will have to improve very much on my English composition in order to that. I have written 3 books to my God(not to be read by other people) , and I wrote two novels based on life and the people here, making up lovely stories about it, but although they were interesting to me, they were not worth publishing, because I had been kind of rambling on in them, and there wasn't order. Maybe I'll publish something someday, maybe not.

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My Yearning, My Hope

My God my God,
you are so beautiful,
your holiness cannot dirtied,
In my guilt and sorrow I lift my face to you,
one glance at you and and my forehead falls to the ground,
your beautiful truth and glory strike me with love for you.
I love you my Lord, my beloved God,
For you have loved me though I am a naughty child,
You love me though so many times I have disobeyed you,

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