Tarun Cherian

Biography of Tarun Cherian

Co-founder Creator's Child.
Co-founder Devadhara Healing.
Co-founder Aura Masters.

Tarun Cherian's Works:

Speaking in Tongues,1986
The Greater I,1996
Shakti Meditation Art Set,1998

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A Writer’s Prayer

Let my words have an unvarnished feel to them. Truth writ in the grain. Sentences that feel like bark and offer comfort like a bench after a long walk into the hills with a woman.

Let my words have the clearness of a stream - the seeing pebbles look. The kind through which you reach and pick a water smooth pebble. Or better still cupped in both hands, its icy coolness splashed on a sweaty face and arms dewed with a laughing run up a summery slope.

Let my words have a good taste to them, li

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