Tasadduq Hussain

Tasadduq Hussain Poems

1. A Sad Memory 5/4/2013
2. Count Your Blessings 5/4/2013
3. This Is Life...This Is Life! 6/6/2013
4. Tragedy In Bangladesh 6/6/2013
5. Searching For Allah 7/22/2013
6. Adnan (Our Son) ' Madguru'. 7/22/2013
7. Zindagee 8/7/2013
8. Life Is Strange 5/4/2013
9. Rahman Aur Raheem 11/28/2013
10. Watan Kee Yaad 3/17/2014
11. Yadoon Kee Baaz Gasht 3/17/2014
12. Heart & Mind 4/16/2011
13. Cheraiy Kee Jurian 4/4/2014
14. Experience Of Life 4/4/2014
15. Shikwa-O-Feryaad 3/17/2014
16. Perspective On Life 4/9/2011
17. Oh God Of Love & Mercy! Why? 4/15/2011
18. Eid Mubarak 8/7/2013
19. Love & Solitude 7/20/2012
20. Freedom 7/20/2012
21. Struggle & Strive 9/5/2013
22. Life 4/9/2011
23. An Angel....A Nurse. 4/10/2011

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Best Poem of Tasadduq Hussain

An Angel....A Nurse.

Struggling between life and death
So many are brought to your desk

What a love for humanity
What a care for all
Their sufferings and sorrow becomes your call

You are always there to comfort cure and clean
The desperate lot of fellow beings
Regardless of color, creed or faith
You treat them all as a human race

You are, a beautiful creation of God
Filled with compassion and care for all

By T.H.Ejaz
She was truly an angel for me, as I recall my hospital stay.

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Heart & Mind

Follow your heart with the eyes of mind
Lest it wander off, so gullible and blind

Look beyond the obvious to seek the truth behind
Contemplate and strive to understand Divine
The designs of life in general are more complex than mind

What one says is not necessarily what one meant to say
And what you hear is not always what was said, anyway

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