Tatianna Rei Moonshadow

Rookie (7/21/92 / Rochester MN)

Tatianna Rei Moonshadow Poems

81. Waiting Here 10/26/2007
82. Faces Of Art 12/4/2006
83. Would You, Could You 12/6/2006
84. The One 12/6/2006
85. The Last Dance 2/9/2007
86. London Holds My Heart 3/31/2008
87. You 4/15/2008
88. Drown 6/10/2008
89. For Lack Of A Cure 9/9/2008
90. I Meant It When I Said I Would Belong To You Forever 9/9/2008
91. Star Strung Killer 9/9/2008
92. An Angel's Thoughts 9/9/2008
93. What I'Ve Learned Of Life 10/31/2008
94. Submerged In You 11/19/2008
95. Thank You For Hurting Me 11/19/2008
96. Two Years 11/19/2008
97. Together We'Re Magick 11/19/2008
98. Trade Off (Finished Piece) 12/3/2008
99. Silence Fits This Time 12/11/2008
100. Royal Flush 12/12/2008
101. Pick Your Poison 12/12/2008
102. Glamorous Pt 2 12/12/2008
103. Glamorous 12/12/2008
104. Earth Bound Angel 12/21/2008
105. Meshed For Speech 1/25/2009
106. Meshed For Speech 2 1/25/2009
107. In Thirteen Minutes 2/8/2009
108. Drugs Don'T Lie 2/8/2009
109. Indestructible 2/8/2009
110. You Are In Everything I Write 2/8/2009
111. He Was 2/8/2009
112. A Luciferian Love Story (Alternate Ending) 2/8/2009
113. Spill My Heart On Paper For You 2/8/2009
114. My Only Teacher Was My Pain 2/8/2009
115. My Only Teacher Was My Pain (Revised&Extended) 2/8/2009
116. Moving On 2/8/2009
117. I Have Faith In Love 2/8/2009
118. Reach For You 2/8/2009
119. Easier With Each Dose 2/8/2009
120. I Gave You My Last Breath 2/8/2009

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  • Tamsin Joanna Kennard (12/23/2006 6:38:00 AM)

    thank you for the comment you left me - your Angel poems are really beautiful! And youre only 14? xx

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Best Poem of Tatianna Rei Moonshadow

All The Drugs In This World

All The Drugs In This World
Won't bring back my past
I try every drug I can find
Hoping one high will last
The one thing they can't do
Is the one thing that I want
Though I know I'm insecure
Its security that I flaunt
Acting as if I'm invincable
The drugs make me fly
I live for this addiction
Only alive from high to high
This sick sad addiction
Is all I'm living for
Without it my life is empty
I've lost everything and more
Now I sit in my room
Wondering how long this high will last
All The Drugs In This World
Can't bring back my past

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I Will Believe

Paint a pretty picture
Paint it in your lies
Cover me completely
Drown my very life
Your the picture of betrayal
Sinful and so very sweet
Every bite I take of you
Is full of your deceit
Play pretend with me

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