Taunya Benns

Rookie (November 2,1967 / Salt Lake City Utah)

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Taunya Benns poet

Remember if you want to change your life and prosper; sometimes one must change their surroundings and acquaintances! Leaving your comfort zone is difficult; however staying in it could make the positive changes you seek futile. I have struggled with my own thoughts and issues for many of years laying blame to those that were in front of me per se; never realizing that It was I who allowed those I speak of the be in front of me! Taking my own advise has been one of my problems, I was unsure how to apply my words to my life for I felt that I was not worthy of the changes I wanted to see in the ones that I truly loved. This came from years of being told I would amount to nothing; upon accepting who I am a wonderful child of God, I began to use my words to better myself, and forgot that my words also assisted others. My “self” love has grown, I look deeper into the mirror than I had before, I see a halo of joy before me, a blessing that was lost, a medium of knowledge, an abundance of love, I see hope, a reflection that was never acknowledged before. Life is hard, and providing for a family as a single mother makes it much more difficult; however hope is a given, and faith is a gift. It seems as if it has taken me forever and a day to find the two, but I have found them. It would be my greatest accomplishment to assist another struggling soul in finding them as well…I write in hopes of showing that accepting the pains of the past, living through all the hardships and trials of the world, still finding HOPE and FAITH to be the outlet for all of your worries. There are many questions that we seek, however we fall short in accepting the answers that may be right there in front of us. A closed eye is a weak soul, and cannot see I have written from my heart and you shall see and hopefully relate to the pains that have been placed before me. Compiling my writings together has brought back tears that were placed in a box in my soul keeping me imprisoned for years, I am now free, and I would like to assist in freeing you from the prison sentence that you have bestowed upon yourselves. I hope my words bring tears, for I have found that tears are what have brought me hope, and the strength to better who I am, to know what I must do to find complete self happiness. Please listen to the words, and find your own strength to win over the darkness that you may feel within, let the pains and the sorrows heal you, if you can’t talk about them, think about them for God heard me, and his ear is open twenty four seven for all of us. Thank you Taunya Benns Simply Invisible Poetry

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My Pledge Of Allegiance

We Pledge allegiance to a Flag, symbolizing liberty and justice for all~Proclaiming one nation under God, yet we help other countries fall.

With power and weapons for justice we sing~while death, pain, and sorry is all that we bring. To the republic for which it stands~this Flag should fly high in many lands.

A mask created using Gods name, I look at our country and sometime feel shame. Liberty and justice for all we do say, while war is our solution we kill everyday.

We send our c

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